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Snoring Ruining Your Sleep? This Device Can Help!

"This Amazing Little Wrist Band Stops Snoring"

Sleep Connection is a high-tech wristband that ends horrible snoring.

I never realized how dangerous snoring was until my husband David’s snoring nearly killed him.

His snoring used to be light and didn’t bother me at all. Over the years, David became busier with work and less active. He gained some weight and as a result… He began snoring. Loudly. Every. Single. Night.

He complained that even though he slept a full eight hours, he was constantly tired and irritable.

I would race to fall asleep before his snoring started. But I would still get woken up at 1 a.m. by David snoring like a chainsaw.

(Stock photo) My husband's snoring kept us both awake at night

The only thing that made him stop was when I would nudge him to change his sleeping position. I was exhausted and losing sleep from waking up to make him move! I had puffy dark circles under my eyes. I couldn’t focus.

Then one day, something horrible happened.

David was driving home from work and got into a car crash. He was so sleep deprived he had fallen asleep at the wheel.

In the hospital, the doctor told us David was at risk of developing sleep apnea. He had to get his snoring under control.

The doctor said if David got sleep apnea, he would be at greater risk for heart attack and stroke. He could even stop breathing all together and suffocate in his sleep.

I was horrified! My husband’s health was in danger, and mine was suffering because I wasn’t getting enough sleep either. Who would look after our kids if something happened to us?

The doctor also said if the issue wasn’t fixed, David would eventually need to get a CPAP breathing machine. It would be thousands of dollars we could never afford on our tight budget.

We left the hospital searching for a way to help David sleep. We tried EVERYTHING from throat sprays to anti-snoring lozenges… NOTHING worked.

We even tried anti-snoring nose plugs but David snored right through them... AND he said they were so uncomfortable he got even less sleep than usual.

Desperate, I began the search for a better solution online. What I discovered changed our lives!

Some intense late-night googling led me to a new anti-snoring device: Sleep Connection.

David said those anti-snore plugs were very uncomfortable. But he absolutely loved Sleep Connection.

The founder from Sleep Connection was suffering the exact same problems we were! Irritability. Low energy. Tossing and turning. The risk of sleep apnea.

He built Sleep Connection to do the job I used to do, nudging David to change position and stop his snoring. I was shocked by the similarities in our stories AND the affordable price.

We had nothing to lose! I immediately ordered Sleep Connection. When it arrived, it came with everything we needed right in the box.

The box contained everything we needed.

I was skeptical that something no bigger than a watch could make a difference. But from the first night he wore it, David’s snoring stopped completely!

The best part was… I didn’t hear a single sound! We both slept the whole night through and woke up feeling AMAZING!

It was a miracle—even our doctor said so at David’s next physical. He asked us what we were using and even bought a Sleep Connection for himself. He told us the other day that he recommends it to all of his patients suffering from snoring problems.

Now, with his new energy, my husband has become more active and started working out again. He’s back in shape, snores less, and has lots of energy for me and the kids.

He continues to wear his Sleep Connection and we sleep all night, every night.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that Sleep Connection is LIFE CHANGING.

What is Sleep Connection?

Sleep Connection is an anti-snoring device that stops snoring immediately from first use! It helps you stop snoring to get the sleep you need for a happy, healthy life.

It’s made with patented-technology that is now breaking sales records worldwide!

How does Sleep Connection work?

Sleep Connection is built with a powerful biosensor and contains advanced AI-based software.

The biosensor was programmed with an advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithm . It's using data from over 10,000 heavy snoring cases and medical studies.

The algorithm found common biological patterns in heavy snorers. The device combines motion and sound sensors with these patterns. It's programmed to recognize the first ‘symptoms’ of snoring.

When these symptoms are detected, Sleep Connection sends small electrical pulses to your wrist. Think of the “vibrate” setting on your phone. These micro-pulses alert you to the snoring without waking you up, so you change position and reopen the airway in your throat.

What does this mean? Sleep Connection detects your snoring before it starts and immediately nudges you to change your sleeping position. This stops snoring INSTANTLY.

But what’s the science behind sleeping position and snoring?

Snoring happens when the base of your tongue and soft palate collapse to the back of your throat. This causes a vibrating sound when you breath during sleep.

Lying on your back makes it even worse. When you sleep on your back, your airway is more likely to collapse under the pressure of your neck and chest.

The best way to stop this from happening is to change position and sleep on your side.

Sleep Connection gently makes you change your sleeping position. This instantly stops snoring.

A study from the University of California found that sleeping on your side reduces the intensity of snoring. Subjects experienced more REM sleep and better overall health indicators.

Who can benefit from Sleep Connection?

Sleep Connection is perfect for anyone who is not getting enough sleep from their own snoring, or that of a loved one.

It’s Doctor-recommended and has been user-tested as safe for people of all ages. It’s a non-invasive snoring solution.

Frequently Asked Questions about Sleep Connection

Q: Does Sleep Connection Require batteries?

Yes. You will need 1 AAA battery (not included).

Q: Does the electric pulse hurt or will it wake me up?

No. The electric pulse is very gentle. You can compare it to the “vibrate” setting on your phone and you can set the intensity level going from 1 to 6.

Here's why Sleep Connection is so popular

✅ Very Affordable

Other sleep devices cost thousands of dollars and some even have payment plans. Sleep Connection is a one-time purchase.

✅ Intelligent Sensors

Sleep Connection is using medical-grade bio sensors. The device also powers down when you reach 8 hours of sleep. This saves battery and makes sure you are energized for the day!

✅ Easy To Use

You wear Sleep Connection on your wrist like a watch. It’s comfortable and does not restrict movement in the night.

Where can I buy a Sleep Connection?

Sleep Connection is selling out FAST and available online only.

For a limited time, take advantage of a special promotion and get Sleep Connection for a special price.

Save even more when you buy multiple Sleep Connection devices—give the gift of peaceful sleep to someone you care about.

Don’t hesitate! Get your Sleep Connection today while supplies last!

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* Special Offer Now - Only Available Through The Official Website - while supplies last.

UPDATE: The company behind Sleep Connection assured us they are still fully operational and are shipping orders during the COVID-19 outbreak.

What Others are Saying... (verified buyers)

stars Claude
Tried it, and it really helps! After a week of using it, I finally feel more rested during daytime.
stars Jacob
Great product. Done very well and it works well. Fits well to the wrist and with the various modes of intensity is really easy to adjust to your own preference.
stars Taran
Using it for a month already. Very pleased with it. My wife finally stopped nagging at me during daytime lol. Good product worth every penny.
I didn't expect this thing to be so effective. I recommend it to everyone.
Just super, did not expect such a fast fix for my boyfriend's snoring issue.
Thank you.. My hubby finally stopped snoring!! I am so happy with this purchase ....